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KHC Technologies

Putting Technology to Work for You

The people at KHC Technologies take pride in providing professional IT services - at affordable prices.  Our staff of seasoned professionals average over 20 years of experience in the fast-paced field of Information Technology.   

Whether it’s system design, special projects, upgrades, consulting, outsourcing, or troubleshooting, our broad and deep knowledge base enables us to address your needs effectively and within budget. 

It isn’t just what we do, but how we do it, that makes KHC Technologies unique.  We focus on proven technologies with rapid ROI to help you lower operating costs, increase revenue, and meet the challenges of a highly competitive economy.

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About Us

KHC Technologies is organized from the ground up to provide top-notch customer service. We even answer our phones the old fashioned way - you will never be lost in a voicemail maze. Our dedicated technical staff takes pride in their credentials which are backed up with years of real-life experience in implementing and maintaining information systems.

The convenience of our full service approach, encompassing both hardware and software support, enables our clients to stay focused on their business without the distraction of nagging information systems problems. A partnership with Kore / Hi Com means shortened implementation processes and minimized downtime.

For some clients , we fulfill the role of an IT department, handling everything from help-desk matters to providing recommendations for major projects. For other clients, we get involved only as a VAR - when their IT people need additional expertise procuring or implementing a certain product. Our success at meeting clients' needs - whether large or small in scale - leads to referrals generated by satisfied customers, and this more than anything else drives our growth.

Our Partners

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